Functional Art

We are pleased to be the exclusive representative of a cooperative of artists that produce unique and painstakingly beautiful functional art pieces. The unique pieces are crafted by hand by a team of expert woodworkers and then individually hand painted, making each piece one-of-a-kind. Each artist demonstrates his/her own artistic talent with each stroke while at times adding traditional designs to produce original pieces. The functional art pieces are in the main made to order and are not mass produced.


The process is very intricate where each piece can take anywhere between one-and-half months to three months from start to finish. The first step is preparing the wood by firing, carving (when required) and sealing it. A base paint is then applied in dark or light tone depending on the final design of the piece.


Once dried, it is hand drawn and painted on by one of the artists. It is then passed to a process of poli-acrylic lacquering and in some occasions it's given an antique distressed finish. This is followed by two or three layers of another lacquer and is sanded with water for sealing. Each piece is hand polished to give it a luster finish as a final step.


The artists are capable of transforming any image to a piece to create your own unique functional art piece. Once your customized piece is created, it will not be reproduced in any way again. We will be more than happy to help you create your unique piece. To view a sample of some customized works please click on the custom link below.

Sample Works
Armoires and Cabinets Seating Tables and Desks Storage Boxes
on Stand
Trays Accessories Customized Pieces
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